Wednesday, December 2, 2009

And the Nostalgia Sets In!

This one goes for a former friend, who somehow,din't make it to my present and would never be allowed to pry into my future. This one's for you, Smriti!

Sieving your face in the crowd,

I seem loosing control

over my senses,

and the nostalgia sets in!

Moments of those celebrated times,

take control of my mind,

rekindling the ashes of

the leftover love and hatred.

Life seems witty,

throwing one of its

filthy challenges at me.

It shatters my heart to

accept your hatred coated abuses,

killing me over and over again,

with intensifying anger and pain.

May be, in a corner of my heart,

I still long for

mutual love and peace,

nurturing dwindling hopes of,

reliving those unforgettable days,

when time had almost

lost count and become one with us.

May be I still wish to

bury the mutual differences

and move one step ahead,

call out for you,

with a clear heart,

and open arms,

and embrace you in a tight hug.

May be ,its just a dream,

that might never come true,

leaving behind a trail of,

wounded memories and unfulfilled desires,

leaving me in the lurch,

at the mercy of dwindling hopes,

till the time,

I again sieve your face in the crowd,

loose control over my senses,

and let the Nostalgia set in!


kannu said...

I mean that's something which touches right here!


Mohita said...


Thanks. I'm glad! :-)
Emotional connectivity is something, that every poet or writer yearns for.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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