Friday, December 4, 2009

You Taught Me the Meaning of Life!

I had been sailing

on the waters of life,

like a rudderless boat

bereft of its direction,

until my eyes chanced upon you

one fine day;

relishing the hard hitting rains

on your wobbling legs,

and capturing the heavenly bliss

in your tiny, twinkling eyes..

I saw you getting drenched in the

exquisite beauty of that fond moment,

collecting a handful of raindrops

in your tender palms;

the divinity of nature

reflecting immaculately

in your innocent eyes,

and the bliss of the divine blessings

radiating their aura

on your admirable face..

Enamored by the vivacity

of that tender moment,

I retreated to my inner self,

resuming my journey towards

self exploration,

with a never before

zest and ecstasy!


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